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Anxiety- What's it for?

As many of us are aware anxiety is on the increase, both in children and adults across all generations. There are numerous reasons for this but today I will attempt to explain what is going on in our brains that makes us feel the way we do.

Two thousand years ago when our ancestors lived in caves, ate from the land and fought apposing tribes and wild animals on a regular basis the fight, flight or freeze response (arousal we feel when anxious) was undoubtedly a life-saver. These arousal responses such as an increased heart rate, feeling sweaty, clammy hands, light-headedness and a sickening feeling in the pit of the stomach were early warning signs that we needed to be on high alert. These are all perfectly natural responses to a life-threatening situation such as a sabre tooth tiger wandering into your camp but how many of us are in scenarios such as this in 2019?!

Unfortunately, the structure and chemistry of the brain has not evolved at anywhere near the rate of the existence of the human race, and so it reacts exactly as it did 2000 years ago. Not helpful I know!

If you can look at your anxiety as your brains way of trying to keep you safe and allow it to do its thing without trying to stop it (because you cannot stop it) you will notice how quickly the feelings will pass. Accept it and know it will not last forever. Whilst practicing this new perspective, breathe from your belly in for 4 counts and out for 6-8 repeating the word ‘calm’ on the exhale.

Feel free to share this blog with anyone you feel would benefit,

Peace and Love,


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