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It feels like it’s all over. The children are back at school, the mornings are cooler and the shops are full of autumnal coloured knits and long sleeves- the flip flops, t’s and shorts have disappeared altogether….

But what if you could keep some of that holiday mind-set alive and take it forward into your regular routine? Making subtle changes now, whilst your brain is malleable and receptive to doing life differently, could keep that summer feeling alive well into autumn and winter. Interested?

Here are a few tips to capitalise on that holiday feeling….

Take time to acknowledge what is around you.

When we are on holiday we slow life down. We learn to appreciate and savour the small things, our senses engage in the summer smell of sunscreen, the sound of the waves lapping on the shore, the taste of sampled new foods and the sight of a pretty harbour, the beauty of the countryside or the simplicity a pretty flower in our garden. Notice the simple things your senses provide you with.

Embrace your autumn wardrobe.

Why does summer get all the glory in the apparel department? The sleeves and legs are just a bit longer, shopping for new pieces to supplement your wardrobe can still be fun!

Be a tourist in your hometown.

How well do you REALLY know where you live? Pop your postcode into Trip advisor and go and explore your local area, just as you would do on holiday. Joy can be found just around the corner if you look with your eyes wide open…

Re-evaluate your regular routine.

Holidays put us in a different environment with a different routine and this can be incredibly helpful in helping us change our behaviours and see new perspectives. What freed up your time on holiday? Less TV? Less phone use? What could you do differently to free up some quiet space in your life or to start your day off on a healthier more conducive footing? Re-evaluating your evenings and weekends could make space for holiday occupations such as a family swim, walk or meal out.

Go outside, nature is just over the threshold.

Paying attention to nature in its purest form is known to give us great pleasure. Today I stood watching and listening to a big robin red breast perched on a branch in my front garden. He chirped away for some time, communicating to his friends and displaying his contentedness with the world before flying off, free as a bird. What joy! Noticing the trees, the warmth of the sun on our faces and the wildlife around us helps to ground ourselves to the earth in the present moment- here and now. No rumination of the past, no anxiety about the future, just being in the moment.

Do more of what you love.

This is where joy lives.

Take steps to get out of your comfort zone.

This is where growth lives.

Do your commute differently.

A detour, a different direction or mode of transport adds to diversity, interest and new perspective.

Holidays are essential to our wellbeing. They give us time to re-charge, relax, disengage our busy brains and do more of the things we love. Those who take time off regularly throughout the year are known to live longer-fact. We can’t always afford to get on a plane and head off to distant shores, however we can all afford to invest in ourselves by taking regular time off work and re-connecting to those simple things in life we often take for granted; nature, friends, family, food, animals, exercise, music….


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